I am a formal semanticist, and occasionally an interfacist (semantics-pragmatics-syntax).

My primary interests lie in exploring how human beings compute complexity in meaning and structure, using formal mathematical and logical tools. I am regularly intrigued by questions (all variants), quantificational variability, polarity items, evidentiality/modality and bias, disjunction and alternatives, factivity/veridicality, tense and aspect, ellipsis and anaphora, predictive typological models, and sentence processing. Most of my data is gathered through virtual native speaker surveys or onsite fieldwork.

Prior to joining UMN, I received a Ph.D. in Linguistics with a Certificate in Cognitive Science from Rutgers University, and was a Lecturer at the Department of Linguistics at Harvard University.



2017. Evidentiality and Questions: Bangla at the Interfaces       RUCore       LingBuzz

Broadly speaking, two themes are intertwined in this dissertation: (i) perspective-sensitive elements such as evidentials and epistemic modals across different speech acts; (ii) embedded and unembedded disjunction and alternative questions. Both themes are explored from the lens of the syntax-semantics interface.

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