Diti Bhadra [d̪ɪt̪ɪ ˈbʰɑdɹɑ]

I am a linguist whose research focuses on formal semantics, and its interfaces with syntax and formal pragmatics.

I am a Lecturer at the Department of Linguistics at Harvard University.

I recently graduated from the Rutgers Department of Linguistics with a Ph.D. in Linguistics and a Certificate in Cognitive Science.

My dissertation (co-chaired by Mark Baker and Veneeta Dayal) was centered around formal syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic theories of questions (alternative, polar, split, biased) and evidentials, with a focus on South Asian languages.

My primary interests lie in exploring the abstract representations of structure and meaning with respect to perspective-sensitivity, epistemic and doxastic domains, concealed questions, quantificational variability, speech acts, bias, finiteness, disjunction, alternatives, factivity/veridicality, and ellipsis. I am also interested in typology and neurolinguistics, especially in investigating the cross-linguistic predictions of linguistic theories and the cognitive and neural aspects of language processing.

Most of my data is gathered through virtual native speaker surveys or onsite fieldwork.

Email me at: ditibhadra@fas.harvard.edu